What is Dell System Update (DSU)

The purpose of DSU is to distribute Dell software updates for Linux systems.

The DSU distributes:.

Dell System Update User Guide can be found here

Command Difference between Dell Linux Repository and Dell System Update

Dell Linux Repository Commands Dell System Update Commands
Setting Up Repository
1) wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/latest/bootstrap.cgi | bash
2) yum install dell_ft_install
3) yum install $(bootstrap_firmware)

1) wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/dsu/bootstrap.cgi | bash
2) yum install dell-system-update
Inventorying Firmware
4) inventory_firmware

4) dsu --inventory
Updating Firmware
5) update_firmware

5) dsu

Advantage of DSU over Dell Linux Repository

Dell Linux Repository Dell System Update
1) Selected installation of updates is not possible from CLI 1) Selected installation of updates are possible from CLI
2) Cluttered console view 2) Better customer experience with specific readable information on the console
3) No option to revert to the earlier version 3) Reverting to earlier version of the update is possible, if repository have earlier version
4) Packages are based on Open Build System 4) Packages are based on Dell Update Packages (DUPs)

Supported Operating Systems

Note: "rebuilt" versions of the above such as CentOS or ScientificLinux and community distros like Fedora and OpenSUSE are not tested with this repository.
Since most of the kernel drivers in this repository are in DKMS format, updates for these distros may work.
Please report problems to the mailing list and we will (unofficially) try to fix the issue or find a workaround. There is no guarantee that these will be fixed.

Setup The repository

#wget -q -O - bootstrap.cgi | bash

Installating DSU

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers

#yum install dell-system-update

SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers

#zypper install dell-system-update

Updating Firmware and OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA)

The below command will provide a command line interface to update firmware and OMSA in the platform.


Note:- If OMSA is already installed, it can be updated using dsu tool

Getting System Inventory

#dsu --inventory

Install OMSA

DSU supports upgrade of OMSA (srvadmin), where an OMSA version is already installed in the system. To install OMSA using this repository, Please use the following commands:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Servers

#yum install srvadmin-all

SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers

#zypper install srvadmin-all


1) Is the move to new DSU repository compulsory? Will DSU and YUM repos be supported at the same time?
   A: After Q1FY16, DLR YUM repository will not be updated with new content, only DSU would be supported. The users of DLR YUM repository will still have access to the repositories published earlier, they will not be updated with newer updates.

2) Why the change from Legacy Dell Linux Repository (DLR) to DSU
   A: DSU is an improved version on DLR which provides a better customer experience for getting the latest updates for their systems. Some of the improvements are :
3) Do you have an ETA for RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 support with DSU?
   A: RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 x86_64 Support will be available with Q1FY16 DSU

4) Is there a plan to add Ubuntu/Debian Operating systems support with DSU?
    A: Ubuntu/Debian support is being evaluated as a future enhancement of DSU. At this time there is no committed timeline available.

5) When will the OMSA 8.1 will be available with DSU
    A: OMSA 8.1 Support will be available with Q1FY16 DSU

Other supporting documents and links

In addition to this guide, you can access the following guides available at dell.com/support/manuals.


A good place for support for this repository is the linux-poweredge mailing list.